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When we started our first coffee shop in 2009, we had neither much knowledge about coffee nor skills in running a business at the professional level. So we thought we should initiate a pilot project in a small but high potential town, a shop in such a scale that we know would survive regardless. Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi province is our best choice. It is 340 kilometers away from Bangkok. Although not quite a destination for Thai people, Sangklaburi then was popular among Western backpackers, and some ended up living there.

In two years time, our coffee shop was getting more popular. We believe that the concept of brand building from the start had contributed greatly to such success. Our popularity also came from the fact that Sangklaburi, known for its peaceful and serene nature, attracted more tourists each year. An increased number of visitors helped us gain valuable experiences, of which we did not have much when we had started the shop. Since then, more and more new ideas had been created. Higher targets were challenging. So we started looking for a new location.


It was in the year 2012 that the idea of relocation materialized. We considered big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, where we could run our business in the long run. Bangkok is our hometown, and Chiang Mai is our favorite. We finally chose Chiang Mai for its mesmerizing beauty, good weather, and extremely nice people. Chiang Mai is rich in culture and traditions, yet a modern and cosmopolitan city. Its charm year after year draws people of all lifestyles from all over the world to visit and live here.

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When we journey to open first cafe at small town in the valley. The way is up and down, snaking and winding same as the Graph of our lives. Up and down, swings and round abouts.

Up until 2016, We started thinking; What about roasting our coffee so we can control its quality and design the taste of our coffee to its fullest. To find the green bean, we visited near and far community of coffee farmers to seek the perfect location and climate to grow a coffee tree.


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