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For our dream to materialize, we were into discovering and seeking our shop location both in northern and western Thailand.

In April, we launched a new brand called “General Coffee”and opened in July that creates a variety of coffee from different sources to present a quality, flavor and good price to inspire people every day. From the passion for drinks that has several dimensions of taste and characteristics, we also created “Earth tone” a tonic from 100% natural ingredients to make a new experience and aesthetic in every drink. Furthermore  we have the commitment to try new things, it is a drink produced with pure ingredients from nature to make a healthy and tasty in form of a refreshing drink called “Real”.

In December, we launched “Cogane” that is a mixture drink from sugar cane and soybeans fermented and various spices simmered together until mellow. It is fragrant and delicious and opened burger shop two branches called “Roamer Burger” which are ideal burger that we want to present about crafting in every steps, first branch called “Roamer Burger Classic” near WING 41 and second branch called “Roamer Burger Lostboy” at Red Iron Space.


"Canning line" We start making our nitro cold brew cans by brewing cold brew coffee first from fresh ground coffee and cold or room-temperature water left to steep for up to 24 hours, then strained and infused with nitrogen on crafting process and the result is the all smoothness, brightness and floral aroma, free from the bitterness of hot brews and craft refreshments by our experiences to make the perfect.



In January, GRAPH Ground was opened, serving coffee and roasting coffee beans for the GRAPH Group.

In October, we opened a new branch of the GRAPH in the district not far from Nimmanhaemin is the new center of Chiang Mai. We start using the ModBar model of La Marzocco, which is efficient and simple in design. This branch is called “GRAPH Quarter” which is the branch we are producing cold brew and bakery that are distributed in all branches. Including our current headquarters.

In December, we launched a new brand “OSSO Coffee” to create a different kind of coffee. Coffee beans and menu are all different from GRAPH.

Our business is growing through collaborated with “Tennyson” brand from Melbourne, Australia.

In December, GRAPH Contemporary was opened.



We started roasting our coffee beans for GRAPH Group, which is GATEWAY Coffee Roasters are open at the same time.

In July, our workshop “Home brewing workshop“ was organized with 200 participants in 20 classes.

In August, FIND Coffee was opened, which serves good quality coffee and bakery for locals at a fair price.

In December, GRAPH One Nimman was opened.



Coffee beans are purchased directly from farmers. We also handle our own processing.

In April, GRAPH Table was opened in Moonmuang lane 6 (A short walk from GRAPH Cafe), serving brunch, pasta, pizza, and coffee.

In September, our nitro cold brew coffee was launched.



In April, we found a perfect spot for our new shop, GRAPH Cafe was opened in Chiang Mai Old Town.

In June, our cold brew coffee was launched.

In November, GRAPH Cafe in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi was permanently closed.

We have learned more and more about coffee and practiced making coffee every day.



We started making pizza, which we learned from our good friend from Italy, and found it to be a popular item among our guests (Backpackers and NGO volunteers in town). During the rainy season, we took 45 days journey to Vietnam, China, and Korea to discover more inspiration.

In June, at Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi, we had found a lovely wooden house, where we opened GRAPH Cafe.



In June, we launched a new brand called “Sumerhill” which develop a simple drink for the lifestyle of the new generation.

In August, we opened a new branch of GRAPH in Phuket Old Town called “GRAPH Phuket

In December, we also launched "Arabica instant coffee" in the form of ready-to-drink coffee, for customer who want a new experience and comfortable in everyday life.


In February we opened a third branch of Roamer Burger called “Roamer Burger Woodside” at Baan Kang Wat.

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